The Death of a Secret.  Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul.

After many minutes, hours, days, months and years of healing inspired by the tools presented in, I was asked to share my Project Rachel experience, a story of abortion healing, in order to encourage others to take heart, step out of isolation, find hope and begin the process of healing.

The First Step Toward 26.2 Miles

In December of 2001 a very dear friend was diagnosed with cancer.  The fullness of my life grew, in spite of this tragedy, as I supported my friend and The Leukemia Society’s Team In Training Program.  At 53 years old I raised money for cancer research, trained my body and mind to be a runner and completed my first ever marathon.  In the process, the quality of my life continued to improve in profound ways.

Wahoo!  A Honolulu Marathon Finisher 

I did it!  Sunday, December 8, 2002 the 30th Annual Honolulu Marathon. The journey does not end.

What Did I Do Wrong? 

A poem written by a young woman, at the age of 15, as she journeys to heal from the shattered innocence of her childhood.  Secrets and healing have no boundaries. They affect both the young and old.

I Said Goodbye to My Father Today

January 2004 my father died. With the help and love of the hospice program, he was granted his wish and died peacefully in the safety and comfort of his home. I am grateful that I was able to share in the final days and moments of his life.

Grandma's Poems

There was so much "stuff" to sort through after Dad died. Mom had died nearly ten years before and we had not disturbed a thing deferring until Dad's passing. Now that time had come and it was tempting to delay the process of exploring a lifetime of letters, newspaper and magazine articles, scrapbooks and pictures which made up the total sum of my parents lives. However, being one of five children, there was no time like the present for me to dive into the boxes that held family secrets and treasures. And, indeed, what wonderful insights were revealed. These two poems, authored by my mother's mother, are just some of the gifts discovered. I am confident my grandmother wrote these poems toward the end of her life. After all these years, I am reminded how I still miss receiving her beautifully handwritten letters. Be patient with yourself. Relax. Uncover the treasures your loved ones have left behind and delight in their discovery. 


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