There was a time when I was in so much pain I wondered how I would ever find happiness again. Borrowing a twelve-step term, I had "hit my bottom". During this time, it was critical that I reach out for healing support in all areas of my life. This included music. I was not finding the spiritual comfort I needed in my favorite songs and radio stations. I did find the nurturing I was so desperately seeking in instrumental, worship and gospel music.

Saint Gabriel Media
Rachel - Sung by Marie Smith, words and music by Alison Kelly

Click here to read the lyrics to Rachel.

Worship Orange Disc - Worship Songs

Oak Ridge Boys
Collection - Gospel Favorites

George Winston
December - Piano Solos

Jim Brickman
Visions of Love - Romantic Favorites

Now and Forever

While basking in the warmth of the Maui sun and the glow of nurturing friends, I was introduced to the beautiful, relaxing sounds of Nadama and Shastro & Nadama.


Healing Touch - "Soothing, heartful, gentle moving music designed to create an atmosphere of love that can support all forms of healing."

Love Is - "Soft, elegant piano melodies and warm orchestrations that touch the heart and sooth the spirit…evokes feelings of love, intimacy and relaxation."

Shastro & Nadama

Reiki Offering - "Gentle and soothing music which creates a beautiful healing environment. Reiki Offering gives peace, calmness and serenity to your heart, body and mind."


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