Journaling reveals and releases toxic fears, anxiety, confusion and lies.  Journaling is an effective, creative means to identify our truths, gain insights and consider solutions.

As a form of prayer and meditation, journaling can explore many topics:

family of origin, joy, excercise, relationships, creativity, self-care, gratitude, forgiveness, grief, abuse, blocks, money, dreams love

I had been told all my life that I did not have a ďcreative bone in my bodyĒ.  Mom would speak these words to me as if they were a badge of honor.  Numerous teachers supported her viewpoint throughout my school years as a result of my well-intentioned mother sharing her beliefs with them.  Through journaling, prayer, meditation and personal growth I am finding my own voice.  Julia Cameronís book The Artistís Way has given me the blueprint on journaling, encouraged me to explore and develop my long denied creativity.  Are you experiencing the rewards of journaling?  If you are currently journaling, add a new dimension and make your writing an expression of prayer to God, your Higher Power or the Universe.  Your blessings will multiply.

At the urging of the exercises in The Artistís Way, I share my artistís prayer.

Dear Glorious God,
I open my heart to acknowledge and receive the creativity within me.
Release me from any and all confusion in order that I may embrace my talents.
Holy Spirit, guide me in developing my creative force.
I offer my life, my energy and my experiences to You.
I honor and serve You through my creative expressions in order that Your will be done
And, through service to others I will journey toward becoming the person You have created me to be.

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