Saying thank you is a way of living life in gratitude and expressing gratefulness for kind acts, tough lessons, friendship and love. Acknowledging all that we are grateful for is a very effective way to restore our faith and trust that we are right where we are supposed to be. Gratitude opens our heart to endless possibilities, forgiveness of self and others and ultimately leads to life filled with boundless peace, serenity and joy.

With love in my heart, I say thank you to:

Glorious God,
for always believing, loving and forever forgiving me

for life and love

for modeling faith

David, Monique and Brian,
for unconditional love

for opportunities of growth

Dearest Friends,
for unwavering safety and support

A Unique and Talented man,
who gifted me with a domain name

An Encouraging Therapist,
who always believed in me

And lastly to four women I would be so very privileged to meet, to whom I owe so much, Melody Beattie, Stormie Omartian, Julia Cameron and Chellie Campbell

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