Grandma's Poems


I miss the old wheelchair to get around
From room to room were the things I found
That meant so much for my daily round
Tokens of years so richly, lovingly bound.

There's a day of reckoning to attest
Times that were weary, and those that were blest
An Irishman's call with groceries the best
To keep body and soul in tune, from morn to rest.

Neighbors so kind with helping hand to cheer
Curley, of course, bringing letters from far and near
From family and friends, from sea to sea, as year to year
Changes, travels with messages of joy or salty tear.

There's always a divine Will and Way
The Lord demands of each heart all day
With Faith and Hope to challenge and say:
"Not my will but Thine be done" as silently, fervently I pray
As silently, fervently I pray.

Author - Dorchen
(Grandmother of Ellen Egge)

What A Place

United with friends
To spend weekends
Haven of meetings without end
Entrancing the weary
Refreshing the dreary
Living to welcome yearly
Across this USA
New Year to New Year
Devoted they stand
Secure at Beaver Lake!
The Sutherlands!

Author - Dorchen
(Grandmother of Ellen Egge)