In order to change my belief system and reprogram my thoughts to a more positive way of thinking, reciting affirmations has become a daily way of life, a lifeline. Affirmations are positive statements, made in the present tense, as if they are already true, and which create an emotional association to self. Affirmations have freed me from old, outdated, and untrue beliefs.

My affirmations are borrowed. They are thoughts, feelings and lessons coming from a variety of sources, prayers, books and The Bible all with one thing in common; the ideas expressed speak to my heart. I am open to the message and personalize it into my own positive declaration as if it is already true.

I never seem to discard any affirmations. I continually add to my list. My preference has been to write these statements of truth on 3x5 cards and recite each of them daily and out loud three times with conviction and tenderness. Early in this process, I would awkwardly recite my affirmations in front of a mirror. Over time I have developed a routine of saying them, as I am getting ready for work, when I am sitting in traffic, doing housework or recovering from a stressful moment. I also write meaningful, positive, encouraging thoughts on 3x5 cards, decorate them with fun stickers and post them on my bathroom mirror or use them as bookmarks where I can refer to them daily. Other spots to post them are on a refrigerator or in a laundry room, on a file cabinet, anywhere that would routinely catch your eye.

Affirmations have helped and are continuing to help me change my attitude and behavior. They have contributed to my freedom from other's limited beliefs about me that I had often accepted as true. Over time this proven technique has nurtured and increased my self-care, self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence.

I am being guided by God and the universe in taking risks to create a nurturing lifestyle.

I am an intelligent and capable person successful in all that I do.

I am owning my power and speaking my truth.

I am living in forgiveness.

I am living in gratitude.

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